Kandy is back once again like the Renegade Master it clearly is
Coming into its third year and still adding a touch of chic to the general student grind, Kandy Friday's is now an integral part of every Brookes students week.

From the mad minds of Addictive Events this is a literal play ground. An open forum for their outlandish ideas. For three years it has remained an enigma. Perched high in the imaginations of Oxfords most creative. With a carnival like atmosphere It's a VIP experience meets a hedonistic sweat box. If quiet time in simple social settings is your thing then please move on.

Boasting state of the art light shows and hi-tech sound with in-house DJ's running some of the hottest chart, EDM and House mash ups in the city. This is the venue for the kids that like to stay up past bed time too, with regular 6am licences. It won't be long until you too, call it home.

When: Fridays
Where: Warehouse, 42-43 Park End Street, OX1 1JD
How much: £5.00

So, word on the 'street' is that you're organising an event..
We like to think that you're doing this for the first time BUT there's a chance that you're a dab hand at it and you've done it in the past. Either way, we're here to help.

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As a condition of entry we're proud to use IDSCAN.
We require a valid and in date Government approved ID from all, irrespective of age. Thanks in advance.
Don't miss a trick